Current Projects

Through various modalites, my current projects seek to directly aid in real-world problems. Among these works are developing research applications, conduits of shared technical, and creative outlets.

Biomedical Investigations

Chemical, proteomic, and genetic sequences are wealths of information from the biological and natural world. Extracting mechanisms of action from these data sources often lead to breakthroughs in medicine aand basic science research. By using standard and inovative techniques in deep learning, we can now begin to illuminated the secrets of the natural world for faster and more reliable solutions.

Developmental Learning for Deep Learning

Most remarkable advancements in artificial intelligence often stem from modelling human attributes. However, we have yet to surpase the general abilities of young children. We have the remarkable ability to think abstractly and transfer knowledge of these abstractions into real-world context. How can we teach a computer to learn as we once did? Answers to questions, and others, may get us one step closer to progams more aligned with our own model of intelligence.

Learning and Sharing

There is always a need to share and explore the world of science with our peers. Now that is easier than ever with the multituted of media outlets. From informational tech recipes to quick idea commercials, I strive to share what I've learned and what I'm still working on with others.

Creative Outlets

Science has never been all work and no play. From the surgeon to the laboratist, and now even the developers, our work involves a certain artistic care. I've included here some of my more personal on-going creations. If nothing else, take this as a sign of my human condition, although I suppose it won't be long until even simple bots can replicate such ideas...


Although deep learning and machine learning have come a long way, they still fail to meet the requirements of several accepted definitions of intelligence. True general artificial intelligence will need more than our current creations, more than a single inventor. Here is a space to start thinking about old and new ideas in artificial intelligence. I invite you take part in the conversAItion and explore (perhaps even challenge) point of views presented here.


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